I’m Shannon and I’m delighted that you have arrived here. I’m a dedicated animist and ritualist and work at the intersection of mythos and lore, dream midwifery, ancestral reverence, and oracular mediumship. You can find out more about me here so I will forego the more detailed introduction and we can dive right into, I am most hopeful, exploring these heart matters in a cultivated space that can nurture our interactions more wholesomely.

Being with one another is vulnerable, allowing ourselves to be seen and valuing connection beyond measure is, I believe, critical if we want to change the paradigm of individuality at the expense of cultural connection. It’s important to me, this grande experiment via Substack, that I’m not just sending my thoughts out into the void but that they are landing in a place that inspires an excavation, deconstruction, and exploratory wonder of all the liminal pathways in which we may connect. I’m quite passionate about collective and personal transformation. So if you are into exploration and insight around the ethos of being and belonging in connection with the seen and unseen realms, reclaiming the ancient ways of animistic, earth-honoring purpose, and living with fully embodied joy for the well-being of the world, we may just belong together.

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Welcome to my musings which hold space for words potent and true. Words of sweetened wisdom, the healing stories which spark imagination, sing the words of our healed ancestors, and bring us on adventures into mythos, and cultural lore.


Welcome the musings which hold space for words potent and true. Words of sweetened wisdom, the healing stories which spark imagination, sing the words of our healed ancestors and bring us on adventures into mythos and cultural lore.